What can a personality test do for you?

I was assigned to complete a personality test in school, this web page is supposed to tell the user which personality (out of 16) fits him. After responding to all of the questions and getting my results, I think that the web page did a decent job describing me. This whole thing made a weird connection in my head, with my career choice some years from now. In my opinion, this app cannot define your personality, as humans are much complex creatures, and our actitudes are not numbered labels. What this test does is highlight pros and cons from certain personalities. So, what are mine? Passing to tenth grade made me realize that there are only three years left before I finish school so I can head on to college. Based on that, I’ve been thinking a lot on what career or profession I can pick. I believe that each person is unique, each one can be good at something, and be bad at other tasks. That’s why I believe that choosing a career is about taking advantage of your strengths to dedicate yourself to something you are good at. For example, If throughout your life you discover that you are a good leader and team player, it is better for you to dedicate to something in which you can take advantage of those skills. Concluding, this whole activity was very interesting, not for picking a personality for me, but because it sticked an idea inside my head, for an important decision I will have to take.